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Paterson swears in 12th Career Chief of the Paterson Fire Department

Chief Alejandro Alicea was sworn in today as Paterson's 12th Chief of Department and is the first chief of Hispanic descent to hold the position.

Born and educated in Paterson, Chief Alicea is a veteran of the National Guard. This was just in first steps in serving the public.

He started his career with the Paterson Fire Department in 1995 as a civilian ambulance personnel before becoming a firefighter in 2001, shortly before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

On Dec. 6, 2007, he was promoted to Captain. On Jun. 21, 2018, he was promoted to Battalion Chief. On Jul. 2, 2020, he was promoted to Deputy Chief, and earlier this year, on Mar. 28, 2023, he was promoted to Assistant Chief, the Department's 26th Assistant Chief. He has served as Acting Chief in the interim since the previous Chief of Department, Brian McDermott, retired in August.

A charismatic leader, Chief Alicea maintains humility, levity, and humor in his daily actions but is focused and determined when work is to be done. The Paterson Firefighters Association congratulates Chief Alicea and wishes the best for himself and his family, the Department, and the City.



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