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Paterson firefighter injured in crash gets a hero’s reception coming home, needs support.

Military veteran, and Paterson Firefighter, Jonathan Roman was involved in a motorcycle crash on his way to work at the firehouse in September of 2022. This father of two was fighting for his life as he was MediEvac transported to St. Joseph's Medical Hospital and had not left a hospital bed since.

Yesterday, as he exited the inpatient services doors at Kessler in West Orange, firefighters from West Orange Fire Department and the Paterson Fire Department welcomed Jonathan into the sunlight to smiles and applause. He was released to go home after nine months of rehabilitation and recovery.

The Chief of the Paterson Fire Department, along with other firefighters, escorted the transport ambulance to his family home in Passaic, where he received a hero's greeting of loud applause, as well as some tears, from a crowd of Passaic, Clifton, Totowa, and Paterson firefighters & police, along with the Mayor of Passaic, neighbors, friends, and family; and most importantly, his wife Paola and his two young children.

Although there is much to celebrate, like Jon's survival and determination, the end of his time away from his wife and daughters, one of which was only born three months ago. There still lies a very long road ahead in his treatment and recovery. With multiple surgeries scheduled in the oncoming months, and his home needing accommodations to his current condition, the Roman family faces a burden of financial obligations that his insurance fails to cover.

A GoFundMe was created by Paola's sister Karina to assist the Roman family in their approaching hardships, and we humbly ask any who can support them to please do. The Paterson Firefighters Association has already raised $1,000 through a sticker sale fundraiser. They continue to seek ways to support the Romans in their time of need and humbly ask any who can join them in doing so by donating at:

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